In YWAM, nobody earns a salary. We live and work trusting in God's financial provision, primarily through the Body of Christ.

As we live off of financial support, we want to be transparent in how we use this money, and also be honest with our financial situation, including any needs that we have.

We are registered recipients with Stewardship, who have set up a support fund for our ministry. Stewardship have evaluated the living and ministry expenses of our family in Japan and have set our annual financial target as £37,400 (£3,116.67 per month).

A breakdown of this annual budget is:
  • £22,940 - living expenses including rent, utilities, food, health, house supplies, transportation, child costs, education etc.
  • £3,600 - Japanese language.
  • £3,740 - donation to churches, ministries, and YWAM Sendai.
  • £5,120 - savings for future outreach trips, conferences, visits to the UK, child education, purchase a vehicle, emergencies and state pension.
  • £2,000 - ministry.
As of now, our annual support is around £26,860, which is roughly 72% of our financial needs. We make up for our shortfall by relying on irregular one-off donations, as well as living very frugally, not saving much, and not paying into pensions. Our finances are currently not sustainable.

We need around £880 extra per month in order to reach our goal.

Please join us in praying that our monthly target would be reached!
If you would like to give towards our work here in Japan, please visit our Donate page, or get in touch.

Thank you!

Page updated: 28 July 2020


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